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BRONX NITTANY LIONS  -        "Those Who Stay Will Be Champions"



AGES 5 thru 17 


How Does Your Child Benefit From Playing Football?
*Commitment *Responsibility * Perseverance * Leadership * Teamwork

FOOTBALL PLAYERS DEVELOP MENTAL TOUGHNESS: thus the player become focused, confident, determined and resilient, especially under pressure.

Come Learn The Science of Football
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A $50 non-refundable fee is due upon registration and before workouts begin. 

For additional information, please go to the website links or call: 
Coach Thurman
(718) 971-4562 

Para Espanol Ana Cruz 
.Coach Nate
(646) 269-7018

    The BRONX NITTANY LIONS kicked off its 1st year in youth football in 2011 and had a very successful first year. Our Pee Wees reached the "A" Division Super Bowl in it's first year and our 8th grade All-Americans won the "B" Division Super Bowl. We participated and joined The Empire State Youth Football League. In 2012 and 2013 we  joined The Pioneer Youth Football League. In 2012, we sent 4 teams to the Championships. Our Jr. Pee Wees and Pee Wees won the Championships. In 2013, we sent 3 teams to the championships. Last year in 2014 we sent our 14U to the league championship, while our 10U and 12U teams had successful years, they both missed the playoffs by one game. In only our 5th year, we plan to continue SUCCESS in The Bronx Nittany Lions Youth Football Sports Organization as well as field an 8U team for the summer. Our youth competed well on all 3 levels, but more importantly, we were able to teach and guide our youth on a personal and education level. 
     The tradition of youth football and sports for
THE BRONX NITTANY LIONS began in 2011 and continued in 2012 and 2013. The expectations were high and were met. We have sent a lot of our youth to very good
high schools with the necessary skills in athletics, 
education, and life development. The 2013 fall season is over now and the 2014 Training Camp is HERE! We start to condition and develop our minds and bodies for the upcoming Fall 2014 season. Our expectations still remain high as we look forward to continue our success with bigger and better things. We are encouraging everyone to come be a part of our history as the first on board on this fantastic voyage of a program designed to teach our youth the practical skills of football, basketball, baseball, karate (self-defense), and chess. We design our program to be suitable in preparing our players for the high school level of play and life in all endeavors. But first and foremost, to develop relationships that will last far beyond their stay in our youth sports program. We are mentors to our youth more than coaches; teaching and guiding our youth on a path of honesty, respect, loyalty, and committment. Our main goal is to provide our youth will life development skills that will last a lifetime and become productive citizens to the world. Now in our 4th year, our success on the field has went beyond our expectations. We expect to continue fielding highly unsurpassed, competitive,  consistently hard working teams, while producing honest, intelligent, and passionate young men. The Bronx Nittany Lions organizational motto and belief is "Those Who Stay Will Be Champions", because we believe in teaching our youth to become champions on the field, but more importantly, OFF THE FIELD! 
    The BRONX NITTANY LIONS YOUTH SPORTS PROGRAM is dedicated to promoting confidence, building character, self motivation, discipline, and instilling a work ethic in our youth to ensure their success in life, using the appeal of sports as an educational tool. With help, commitment, and hard work, we will be a crucial part in the success of the youth in the community for many years to come. This program does NOT discriminate against race, gender, creed, or religion, so we ask any and all to

        "Come In Peace and Leave In Love."

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